Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change my session selections?

If you need to change your session selections, you can use the link found on your receipt to reselect. If you can’t decide which session to pick, a reminder that all sessions are recorded and you will have access to them for 30 days.

I didn’t receive all of my Zoom session invites.

If you didn’t receive all of your Zoom invites, you can re-register yourself using the link on your receipt or at the the Zoom Sessions Link page. You must sign in with your OGS email and password to access this page.

How will I access the sessions during conference?

You will receive an individual email confirmation for each session that includes the link to join the session. Check junk mail if you didn’t receive them. We will send reminder emails a couple of days ahead of the conference. During the conference, there will be a page on the website with links to the all the sessions and recordings.

How do I get the syllabus/handouts.

All conference attendees received a Welcome email that included a link to the syllabus. If you cannot locate this email, you can also access the syllabus from the Zoom Sessions Link page. You must sign in with your OGS email and password to access this page.

Do I have to be a member to attend conference?

Anyone can attend conference. You don’t have to be a member but you do need to create an account with Ontario Ancestors. Scroll down to find the account registration area.

Is there a discounted rate for students?

In the past at in person conferences, we have offered a specialized student package. Given the format of the virtual conference, we are unable to offer a student package.

How do I select sessions? I went to register but they are not showing.

Virtual conference registration is a bit different. You purchase your registration first and once you have paid, you will be directed to a page where you can select your sessions.

I registered but was not prompted to select my sessions. What do I do now?

There is a link found on your email receipt that will take you to the page to select your sessions. Make sure you are signed in to Ontario Ancestors before you click on the link.

Is it possible to register just for Ancestry Day?

Yes, Ancestry Day is a special workshop and is not part of the conference registration. You can register just for Ancestry Day.

How do I register for the FastTrax sessions?

There is no need to register for FastTrax. Your conference registration automatically includes FastTrax. FastTrax are one hour sessions held each evening leading up to the conference which opens Friday evening.  There is no FastTrax session on Thursday evening but you can register and attend the regular monthly OGS webinar.  Refer to the schedule for more details. You will be able to access the FastTrax Zoom links from the conference website.

Can I attend the FastTrax sessions if I only registered for Ancestry Day?

FastTrax sessions are available to Conference registrants. If you are only registered for Ancestry Day, you can still access the OGS monthly webinar on Thursday June 3rd and the Keynote Opening on Friday June 4th. Both sessions are available to the public.

How can I download the schedule?

There is a download button available from the schedule page on the website.

Do I have to choose one or the other session streams?

You do not have to choose. Feel free to pick sessions from both streams. All conference sessions are recorded so you will have 30 days to view the sessions you were not able to attend.

How long after the conference can I access the recordings?

All conference sessions will be recorded and made available for 30 days.

Will the Ancestry Day be recorded?

Due to the structure and nature of the program, Ancestry Day will not be recorded.

Will the FastTrax sessions be recorded?

The FastTrax sessions on Monday May 31st, Tuesday June 1st, and Wednesday June 2nd will be recorded. The session on Thursday June 3rd is part of the regular Ontario Ancestors monthly series. It will be recorded but is only available to Society members.