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Conference Schedule 2021

FastTrax Sessions

Monday May 31st, 2021 – (7:00 PM EST)

FASTTRAX SESSION #1 What’s new in Family Tree Maker

Speaker: Mark Olsen

Tuesday June 1st, 2021 – (7:00 PM EST)

FASTTRAX SESSION #2 – Genealogy Research Institutes: What’s in it for me?

Christine Woodcock – Genealogy Educator
Wednesday June 2nd, 2021 – (7:00 PM EST)

FAST TRAX SESSION #3 – A Vast and Virtual Genealogical Library is Waiting for Your Exploration

Mike Mansfield – MyHeritage.com – Director of Content Operations
Thursday June 3rd, 2021 – (7:00 PM EST)
Ontario Ancestors June Webinar – Treasures in the Miscellaneous Collection
This event is open to the public and pre-registration is required.
Friday June 4th, 2021 – (9:00AM EST)
ANCESTRY DAY – This is a special event purchased separate from conference
Conference 2021 Keynote Presentation with Janice Nickerson. (7:00PM EST)

“My Roots, Your Roots, Our Ontario Roots”

I am a proud 8th-generation Canadian, with English, German, Irish, Welsh and First Nations ancestry. Most OGS members I’ve met have mostly European ancestry. Our publications and programming reflect this, including those of our Special Interest Groups. But Ontario has been transformed many times through the arrival of new groups of people from all over the world, and will continue to change. So let’s consider how we can best embrace this challenge to fulfill our mission “To encourage, bring together and assist those interested in the pursuit of family history and to preserve our Ontario genealogical heritage.

Conference Weekend

June 5th and June 6th 2021

June 5th, 2021

Saturday – Stream #1

Host – Vito Giovannetti

9:00 am – Session 1A
Tammy Tipler-Priolo, BSc, PLCGS

Putting Down Your Roots for Future Generation

Begin your journey researching your family history understanding how to get started, the use of pedigree forms, family group sheets, research plans, research tracking forms as well as the importance of citing your sources and organizing your information. Getting started on the right foot will pay off in the end!

June 5th, 2021

Saturday – Stream #2

Host – Kathryn Lake Hogan, U.E.

9:00 am – Session 1B
John Boeren

Top 10 of most used Dutch websites for genealogical research

When looking for Dutch ancestors one will primarily look for online records. Which websites are helpful? What is available in online databases? Do you have to pay for digital images of records? What if something is not online? This presentation demonstrates the top 10 of Dutch genealogical websites.

10:00 AM – BREAK

10:15 am – Session 2A
Elise C. Cole

Don’t Copy Wrong: Copyright! The Workshop

This workshop will provide you with an introduction to the basics of Canadian Copyright law. By using real life examples, you’ll learn how to determine if the work is in the public domain, apply fair dealing principles when copyright does exist and come away with practical applications to request permission to reproduce the work. Finally, we’ll look at protecting the works you create.

10:15 am – Session 2B
Paul Barber

The Unexpected Immigrants

Well after 30 long years of researching my maternal brick wall I managed to knock it down with a thud heard around the world. My Caucasian roots welcomed this unexpected family group, my African American ancestors arriving from Virginia on the Underground Railroad.

11:15 AM – BREAK

11:30 am – Session 3B
John Boeren

Beyond the basics: additional records for research in the Netherlands

Research on Dutch ancestors usually starts with civil records, population registers or parish registers. What other records are there to find out more about your ancestors in the Netherlands? In this presentation we will look at records available for those who want to dig a little bit deeper

12:45 PM – Sponsored Lunch

12:45 pm
Stephen Young

Topic: Ontario Records on FamilySearch

2:00 pm – Session 4A
Melissa Barker

Digging into Finding Aids of Ontario Manuscript Collections

Genealogists use all kinds of tools to help them with their genealogy research. One of the best tools to understand and use when working with Manuscript Collections is the Finding Aid. Archivists develop Finding Aids to help genealogists navigate through Manuscript Collections to find their ancestors. This presentation will help genealogists read, follow and use a Finding Aid to find your ancestors in Ontario Manuscript Collections.

2:00 pm – Session 4B
Tara Shymanski

Researching from Home

We get in a rut of searching a few favorite websites. Learn how to search the abundance of digitized online records around the world.

3:00 PM – 5:00 pm | The Ontario Genealogical Society – Annual General Meeting

This is the annual general membership meeting of The Ontario Genealogical Society.

Members are encouraged to attend. Elections of Board Members will be taking place.

5:00 PM – BREAK

5:30 pm – Session 5A
Tammy Tipler-Priolo, BSc, PLCGS

De-Thorning Interviews, Cold Calls & First Contact

This lecture will demonstrate the tactful approach to interviewing individuals, making cold calls & first contact with individuals via on and offline; approaches, considerations and cautions will be discussed. Learnto be comfortable gleaning oral family history stories from people you know and have never met before. Examples given.

5:30 pm – Session 5B
Linda Corupe, U.E.

When Red Tape is a Good Thing

The Appendices and Journals of the Upper Canadian House of Assembly, available online, are an often overlooked source of genealogical and historical information. This resource includes such topics as land sales, tavern licenses, and penitentiary lists, some of which are unavailable elsewhere.

6:30 PM – BREAK

6:45 pm – Session 6A

Arun Konanur

DNA: Cracking the Code and Discovering New Ancestors

A guided case study of how to employ research skills, science, and old-fashioned common sense to connect otherwise unrelated families through DNA. I’ll show how to easily cluster DNA matches using AncestryDNA’s custom groups feature, and how to convert “mystery” groups into meaningful extensions to your family tree using Ancestry’s member trees and free third party resources like DNA Painter’s “Shared cM” and “What Are The Odds” tools.

6:45 pm – Session 6B
Tara Shymanski

How to Find North American Passenger Lists

Finding ancestors on passenger lists can be difficult. Discover record collections that contain digitized passenger lists for arrivals in United States and Canada. Learn where to find indexes and other tools to help find you ancestor on a passenger list.

7:45 PM – BREAK

8:00 pm – Session 7A
Gordon McBean

Travelling Back to the Old Community –Virtually

We can travel without leaving home. It is easy to locate current places, including towns, cemeteries, and churches and visit those places with StreetView. Historic map overlays let us look at what was there. Using Mashup we can combine multiple sources to experience Community Walks, and create a virtual tour.

8:00 pm – Session 7B
Janice Nickerson

My Ancestors in the Hudson’s Bay Fur Trade

My ancestors were English mariners and Hudson’s Bay Company fur traders, First Nations women, and their ‘country-born’ children. In this lecture I will introduce you to my ancestors and the extraordinary records I used to discover their stories.

Conference Schedule 2021

June 6th, 2021

Sunday – Stream #1

Host – Vito Giovannetti

9:00 am – Session 8A
Serge Paquet

Municipal Records at the Archives of Ontario

Municipal records may reveal information about your ancestors and how life was where they lived. This session will cover the various types of municipal governments in Ontario over time (local municipalities, counties, districts), resources for identifying and searching municipalities, and how to find municipal records at the Archives of Ontario.

June 6th, 2021

Sunday – Stream #2

Host – Kathryn Lake Hogan, U.E.

9:00 am – Session 8B
Laura J. Smith and Charmaine Lindsay

Tracing migrants in the Emigration Service Fund Records, 1843-1847

The presentation outlines the genealogical value and historical context of the Emigration Service Fund records which list migrants transported from Ontario ports in 1843-1847. This presentation suggests ways in which these records might fill in the missing links in the stories of migrants who received government assistance in the period.

10:00 AM – BREAK

10:15 am – Session 9A
Art Taylor

Use Photo Genealogy to Help Identify Family Photos

Look at using ephemera; geography; family genealogy; social history of ancestors’ hometowns; history of photography tools and techniques and other known information to help name people, places, and events shown to answer the who, what, where, when, why, and possibly “the how”of who and what is shown.

10:15 am – Session 9B
Lynn Palermo

Emigrating with the Canada Company

The Canada Company was a land scheme that brought thousands of emigrants to Upper Canada between 1826 and 1842, most settling in the Huron Tract. If you believe your ancestor was among these early pioneers, join us to learn the details of their arrangement and journey to their new home.

11:15 AM – BREAK

11:30 am – Session 10A
Paul Barber

How Do We Deal with Unforeseen Family Discoveries?

We all can’t find Royal roots, so what do we do if we find not so likeable ancestors that have a spot on our tree. A look at ways to treat surprised guests in our research.

11:30 am – Session 10B
Linda Corupe, U.E.

Was Your Ancestor a Squatter?

The practice of squatting, the experiences of those who did so, and instructions on locating squatters’ lists, may provide insight into our ancestors’ stories.

12:45 PM – Sponsored Lunch – VENDOR SHOWCASE

2:00 pm – Session 11A
Lianne Kruger

Vlogging Your Family History Workshop

This session will show how fun and beneficial it can be to make mini videos of stories about your family using your phone. We will discuss from the preparation to filming the video. Lastly, how to create a YouTube channel, upload, organize and share the videos with family.

2:00 pm – Session 11B
Janice Nickerson

University Websites for Genealogists?

University websites can help your research in countless ways, and you don’t have to be a student to use them. From farmer’s diaries to coroner’s inquests, this lecture will share a few of my favourite finds and introduce you to a whole new world of family history resources.

4:15 PM – BREAK

4:30 pm – Session 13A
Art Taylor

What’s in Store for Your Digital Genealogy Legacy?

Create an inventory of your physical and digital genealogy assets, make a plan for their disposition after your death, and tell your executor(s) about it. Be sure to include a copy of your plan with your Will and give a copy to your executor before you die.

3:00 PM – BREAK

3:15 pm – Session 12B
Linda Corupe, U.E.

Really and Truly the Father

It is said that everyone has at least one illegitimate ancestor. This presentation will cover the circumstances, implications and legal aspects of such a situation. Bastardy affidavits from our province are one possible way to learn the truth, and are available at two different archives in Ontario.

4:15 PM – BREAK

4:30 pm – Session 13B
Janice Nickerson

A is for Almanacs

Almanacs were among the very few books our ancestors typically owned. These information-packed volumes were immensely helpful to our ancestors, and can be worth their weight in gold for genealogists today. This lecture will show you how to use them to research and write your family’s history.


5:40 pm

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